The Idea...

There is a lot of uncertainty associated with the creation of art for me. The obvious quandary is that the useful reaction one gets from exhibiting or just showing a photograph to someone is dependent upon whether or not they will be honest in their evaluation without the need to educate them that it’s not necessary to always “like” things. It’s better to hear how a photograph makes them feel, whether or not it strikes a chord from their experience… some actual involvement.

The amount of rattle from the group is disappointing. I hear comments about including words in photographs and how that doesn’t work. I made a list the other day of over 25 well known photographers who used words in their creations often just to see if I missed something. I know there must be more than that, it took very little time to find them.

The “contemporary” affectation of street work might cause someone to think we’re doing an advanced form of that genre… hardly. The folds of time slowly reveal that things don’t change much. People behave within the trappings of “modern” society much as they did 50 or 100 years ago and their expressions and body language exhibit that sameness constantly.

I’m beginning to wonder if success for many photographers doing “street photography,” is the making of photographs that resemble those of their personal guru. I hear a lot of, “Check out this new guy…” and when I do I have 10 or 15 books of similar images, heavy books, by the “greats.” Bullshit!

Blundering on here. Chip is a good leader. He’s letting us do what we do.