Wonder bread...

Later this week we should have a brick bread/pizza oven in the back yard. After travels to Italy, mostly, I realized that with rare exceptions we don't have bread much here. There are local places in Atlanta that do a good job but I think it has to come from home. Tuscan bread is saltless so the ingredients are flour, yeast and water... how difficult can it be? It's quite difficult to do well. And after using the Bosch for years with a pizza stone I concluded the road to good bread was making it the "old fashioned way."

I found a company in Australia, Melbourne actually (Ben Guilford), that makes  "kits," several, different sizes and characteristics. It has been an adventure in the construction. I have a really good stone mason to work with and after a "reset" to be more specific and follow the directions to a tee, the oven is coming into being. It's a beautiful thing as well. I've made photographs along the way and I'll share them as time permits and after I get them organized a bit.

In addition to the bread products you can cook most things that require an oven. Looking forward to the discovery.