We’ve been wandering, albeit in a rather organized way. Germany to France and finally to Italy.

The photographs vary widely as one might expect given the subject matter. Now we’re here in Pietrabuona, home.

We went through the Leica factory in Wetzlar, to Cologne and a couple of great art musems. To Namur, I had never heard of it but it was halfway between Cologne and Paris and turned out to be a nice city and interesting. Then to Paris, me for the first time. The people were kind, helpful, never rude. How is that? I’ve heard nothing for years but how rude the Parisians were. Not so much.

After 10 days or so in Paris we went to Lyon, Torino and here, with a sigh of relief, not because we didn’t enjoy those cities, it’s just peaceful, quiet and familiar.

After a while to Mantova, Graz, Vienna, Erding then home to Atlanta.

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